A Political and Economic Dictionary of the Middle East by David Seddon

By David Seddon

This reference quantity is the definitive advisor to the economics and politics of the center East. It offers transparent definitions detailing phrases, options, names and organisations utilized in relation to present monetary or political views within the heart East. Entries outline, clarify and provides extra proper info on nations, areas, ethnic teams, political events, organisations, regulations and disputes.

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To prove its loyalty to the Arabs of Palestine, it honoured all of the deposits in these branches. In 1967, during the Arab-Israeli War, the bank lost six more branches in the West Bank and one in Gaza. However, it was able to transfer most of its funds to Amman before Israel took control of the banking network in the Occupied Territories. The move to Jordan was very successful. Within two decades, the Arab Bank, acting as the financial arm of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), had established a strong presence inside the Jordanian economy.

Aqaba, Gulf of The Gulf of Aqaba is an arm of the Red Sea that runs along the Sinai to the west and the Saudi Arabian shore to the east. It terminates at a point where Israel and Jordan come together at the southernmost extent of the Negev Desert. The Israeli port of Eilat and the Jordanian port of Aqaba face each other across the Gulf. Commanding the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba, on the south-western tip of the Sinai, is Sharm esh-Sheikh, which was occupied by Israeli forces during the war of 1956 before they withdrew when a UN peace force was interposed between them and the Egyptian forces.

Uzbekistan, Turkey and Syria are among the world’s largest cotton producers, ranking fifth, sixth and 10th, respectively). Iran and Turkey are the world’s fifth and sixth largest producers of raw wool, and the seventh and fifth largest consumers respectively, using much of it for rug and carpet production and export. Agudat Israel (Society or Community of Israel) Founded in 1912 at the Congress of Orthodox Jewry in Kattowitz (then in Germany, now in Poland), the Society or Community of Israel was a political movement of ultraOrthodox Jews.

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