A Research Annual by Kenneth R. Miller (Eds.)

By Kenneth R. Miller (Eds.)


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A Research Annual


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This should be especially useful in permeability studies. Three planar cell and membrane monolayer splitting methods have been outlined in this review: DBLAMS, SMMS, and MONOFARG. All can be used to investigate hydrophobic interactions, but each has its own special forte. DBLAMS can be used to examine transbilayer concentrations of native molecules and probes rapidly. Such analysis requires an extracellular surface marker, a cytoplasmic marker, and excellent ( > 9 0 % ) splitting of the monolayer.

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However, the role of the tyrosine kinase in the properties of intestinal calpactin is yet to be resolved. C. The Terminal Web: Problems and Perspectives Major dissection of the terminal web is yet to be accomplished. The fact that the rootlets, circumferential ring, and the inter-rootlet regions have yet to be isolated means that the factors mediating such interactions as those maintaining TW 260/240, caldesmon, and tropomyosin binding remain unknown. We do not understand the interactions which control the associations of myosin, calpactin, MLCK, MLCP, and caldesmon to the cytoskeleton.

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