A Short History of USA by Robert V. Remini

By Robert V. Remini

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Circular Villages of the Monongahela Tradition

Among A. D. a thousand and 1635, the population of southwestern Pennsylvania and parts of adjoining states—known to archaeologists because the Monongahela tradition or Tradition—began to live frequently in ring-shaped village settlements. those round settlements consisted of dwellings round a principal plaza.

Indian Tribes of the New England Frontier (Men-at-Arms)

This booklet deals a close advent to the tribes of the recent England sector - the 1st local American peoples suffering from touch with the French and English colonists. through 1700 numerous tribes had already been almost destroyed, etc have been quickly diminished and pushed from their lands by way of disorder, conflict or treachery.

Three Year Among the Comanches: The Narrative of Nelson Lee, the Texas Ranger

"Half a dozen Indians sprung upon me, a few preserving down my palms, others my legs, one other astride my physique along with his hand upon my throat. " in simple terms Nelson Lee and 3 of his cowboy partners survived the brutal attack that had come across them throughout the evening. Their destiny was once to not be killed immediately yet as an alternative to move throughout the strategy of being tortured to loss of life in tribal rituals at a later date.

The Georgia Gold Rush: Twenty-Niners, Cherokees, and Gold Fever

Within the 1820s a chain of gold moves from Virginia to Alabama triggered such pleasure that hundreds of thousands of miners poured into the area. This southern gold rush, the 1st in U. S. heritage, reached Georgia with the invention of the Dahlonega Gold Belt in 1829. The Georgia gold fields, even if, lay in and round Cherokee territory.

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Washington hastened to thwart the British move but was outflanked at the battles of Brandywine Creek and Germantown. So while Howe spent the winter in the city enjoying a life of parties and dances, Washington took up a position at Valley Forge, twenty miles northwest of Philadelphia, where he and his men, numbering 12,000, endured a dreadful 44 a short history of the united states winter. Men and camp followers sickened and died from lack of proper shelter, food, clothing, blankets, and medicine.

Another disaster occurred on September 25, when Benedict Arnold, a splendid general who had participated in the surrender of Burgoyne at Saratoga, turned traitor and deserted to the British. In need of money to pay his many debts, he agreed to turn over West Point, which he commanded, to the enemy. It turned out that he had been spying for General Clinton for the past year. The capture of Major John André, Independence and Nation Building 45 who carried messages between Clinton and Arnold, revealed the treason.

Over time the Quaker-domination of the government in Pennsylvania evaporated, and William Penn’s “Holy Experiment” came to an end. A revival of strong religious practice occurred in America in the middle of the eighteenth century with what is known as the First Great Awakening. It began around the 1720s in New England and New Jersey and affected all classes of society and all regions of the country. Ministers such as Jonathan Edwards in Northampton, Massachusetts; Theodorus Frelinghuysen in New Jersey; and the young George Whitefield, who came to this country from England in 1739, preached salvation to all who would repent and place their trust in Jesus Christ.

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