Advanced Curriculum Construction by Janardan Prasad and Vijay Kumari Kaushik

By Janardan Prasad and Vijay Kumari Kaushik

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The united kingdom highways bridge inventory is showing toughness difficulties. whereas there are numerous explanations of degradation, the various difficulties are attributed to negative detailing and an absence of appreciation of buildability by means of designers. there are lots of resources of recommendation on bridge detailing however the recommendation is never accrued jointly.

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There is an inherent conflict between the most efficient use of information technology—which is in the direction of greater data manipulation and increased output—and the most efficient use of a manager's time, of which only a portion can be allocated to the assimilation of MIS output. If an MIS spans most or all of an organization, it will require cooperation and coordination among units that previously may have been relatively autonomous. All formats for collecting and reporting data will have to conform to central processing needs as will the timetable for data collection.

As an individual or group project, students can construct a model of an effective helping professional, describing the personal qualities, skills and knowledge required. The model can be developed through the use of literature, analysis of personal experience and interviews with 124 professionals in the field. This project, carried out over at least a semester, can provide students with a framework for self-assessment as well as further knowledge of the field. — Students can be divided into groups to explore some of the ethical issues that commonly confront human services practitioners.

For these reasons then, it is important that the worker be aware of self, personal needs and the patterns of his or her own behaviour. Students should be encouraged to examine self from different psychological, sociological, cultural and economic perspectives. The following questions can be used as an organizing framework: 1. Why do I want to help people? 2. How do I see myself in relationship to others? 3. How do I relate to the society in which I live and work? 4. What is my own philosophy? There are many ways in which students and instructors can begin to address these questions.

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