Aircraft Inspection, Repair & Alterations: Acceptable by Federal Aviation Administration

By Federal Aviation Administration

The bible for the AMTs and plane proprietors alike, this reference outlines criteria for appropriate equipment, ideas, and practices for the inspection, fix, and alteration of airplane. this can be Advisory round 43.13-1B/2A.

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В настоящем руководстве рассматриваются методы ремонта Citroen Xsara 1997-2000гг. выпуска с бензиновыми 1. four литра (1360cc), 1,6 л (1587cc), 1,8 литра (1761cc) и 2,0 л (1998cc) и дизельными двигателями 1,9 л (1868 и 1905cc) и 2,0 л (1997cc). А также неисправности и их устранение, техническое обслуживание.

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Radome Inspection. 12-11 12-27. 12-36. 12-11 SECTION 3. GROUND OPERATIONAL CHECKS FOR AVIONICS EQUIPMENT (NON ELECTRICAL) 12-37. 12-13 12-38. 12-15 Figure 12-1. 12-15 Figure 12-2. 12-17 Figure 12-3. 12-18 Figure 12-4. 12-50. ]...................................................................................................................... 12-18 SECTION 4. PITOT/STATIC SYSTEM 12-51. 12-19 12-52. 12-19 Figure 12-5. 12-19 12-53. 12-19 12-54. 12-19 12-55. 12-19 Figure 12-6. 12-20 12-56. 12-19 12-57.

Cannot be used as substitute for spruce without increase in sizes to compensate for lesser strength. Gluing satisfactory. May be used as substitute for spruce in same sizes or in slightly reduced sizes providing reductions are substantiated. Easy to work with handtools. Gluing difficult, but satisfactory joints can be obtained if suitable precautions are taken. Excellent working qualities. Should not be used as a direct substitute for spruce without carefully accounting for slightly reduced strength properties.

The ideal situation is when wood fibers are observed on both sides of the fracture surface. This indicates a failure in the wood, and indicates the bond joint is actually stronger than the wood.  1-35. 13-1B SECTION 4. REPAIRS 1-36. GENERAL. The basic standard for any aircraft repair is that the repaired structure must be as strong as the original structure and be equivalent to the original in rigidity and aerodynamic shape. Repairs should be made in accordance with manufacturer specifications whenever such data is available.

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