Alien Bounty (Sam McCade, Book 3) by William C. Dietz

By William C. Dietz

A delicate peace among the Il Ronnian Empire and humankind is ready to crumble—because house pirates have made off with one of many aliens' holiest relics. just one guy can seek out the sacred item. a guy with a ranking to settle with the pirates: bounty hunter preferrred Sam McCade.

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0 bu y rm er Y F T ra n sf o ABB PD er Y have the power to be the end-all of it... save we make you our adopted sons, as we have tried to do. How is it that you travel with lady Morgaine? " The heat of embarrassment rose to his face. "I swore her an oath," he said: half the truth. "Long ago, Man, there was your like here. You are reckless in your lives, having so much life. But we took khemi, and that life agreed well with such Men and left others free to lead quiet lives in the villages. The hands of the khemi administer justice and do unpleasant things that want doing, and sometimes brave things, risking themselves in the aid of others.

Always we are vulnerable to that kind of attack. But the woods regrew in the end; and the barricades of hedges were maintained by Men who sheltered with us. We are not the only forest or the only place where such a w. c bu to re he C lic k he k lic C w. 0 bu y rm er Y F T ra n sf o ABB PD er Y thing has been done; but we are the oldest. There are places outside, where Men have run to themselves, and make wars and ruin and-in some places-make better things, beautiful things. Of these folk too we have hope, but we cannot live as their neighbors; we are too fragile.

But we live simply, as you see. We do not permit bloodshed among ourselves or quarrels in our land. Perhaps you do not understand how grievous a thing you do ask, even in seeking permission to pursue your enemies. We enforce the peace with our law; and shall we yield up our authority to keep order in our own land, and give you leave to hunt across the face of it and dispense life and death where and as you will? What of our own responsibility to our people? " "First, my lord, neither we nor our enemies are of this land; this quarrel began outside it and you are safest if it is contained in Azeroth and never allowed to affect your people at all.

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