Alpha Force: Black Gold: Book 9 by Chris Ryan

By Chris Ryan Target: Assassin!

The 5 participants of Alpha strength are education within the Caribbean while an oil tanker runs aground, spilling oil - black gold - into the seas.

Diving all the way down to the afflicted tanker, Alpha strength quickly become aware of that each one isn't really because it turns out. yet they are going to want all their talents and ingenuity - powerboating, scuba diving, jet snowboarding - while a bomb explodes and an murderer moves . . .

High-octane thrills from a grasp of event, bestselling writer, television presenter and an ex-SAS hero CHRIS RYAN.

Includes Chris Ryan's most sensible SAS pointers on security and Survival in and round water.

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But he didn't warn him and the next minute the jet ski toppled them both into the water. For a moment Alex wondered how they could create such a shambles. Then he caught himself. Not everyone knew how to pull together as a team. Alpha Force had been together for so long now that they took their teamwork for granted. Paulo and Hex kept their eyes on the tug, matching its speed. It slowed and stopped and so did they. Danny did too, Alex noted gratefully. The figure in the back of the tug turned to Paulo and put a hand up.

Said Alex, watching the stricken vessel. 'They've got lifeboats,' said Hex. 'See, they're coming out now' As he spoke, a crane swung out from the tanker deck to lower a white boat. They could see small figures peering over the edge as the lifeboat was lowered. No sooner had it hit the water than the ship gave another lurch and the entire stern with its living quarters disappeared beneath the surface, leaving only the communication masts visible. The whirling radar antennae sparked and became still.

Alpha Force recognized her too — Danny's American partner, Lynn, who had been a photographer before they decided to set up Fathoms Dive Centre together. She had helped them settle in when they first arrived. ' The coastguard was leaning over the bar now as well, joining in the conversation. ' Amber was struck by how they spoke – as though they knew Mara personally. Everyone in this community seemed to know each other; they were like one big family. A family on the brink of potential tragedy. People were heading for the bar and looking for drinks, so Danny and Lynn had to put on their professional faces.

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