Alternative Propulsion for Automobiles by Cornel Stan

By Cornel Stan

The booklet provides – according to the newest learn and improvement effects all over the world -  the views of latest propulsion recommendations equivalent to electrical automobiles with batteries and gasoline cells, and in addition plug in hybrids with traditional and substitute fuels. The propulsion options are evaluated in accordance with particular energy, torque attribute, acceleration behaviour, particular gasoline intake and pollutant emissions. the choice fuels are mentioned by way of availability, creation, technical complexity of the garage on board, bills, safeguard and infrastructure.

The booklet offers summarized information approximately cars with electrical and hybrid propulsion.

The propulsion of destiny automobiles should be marked through range – from compact electrical urban automobiles and variety extender autos for suburban and rural parts as much as hybrid or plug in SUV´s, decide up´s and comfort category automobiles. 

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The warm source within a thermodynamic cycle is generated, in most cases, by combustion of a fuel and air mixture. For comparable volumes of different types of thermal machines, the heat value of a fuel–air mixture Hu (kilojoules/kilogram mixture) is decisive, but not the heat value of the fuel itself, Hg (kilojoules/kilogram fuel). 1 in Chap. 3. It should be noted that, despite the strong differences in heat values for different fuels, the mixture heat values for all kinds of fuel–air mixtures are more or less similar (see Fig.

For the present comparison, the isochoric part is 30 % and the isobaric part 70 %. The compression ratio corresponds to that of the initially calculated Otto cycle, ε ¼ 12. The swept volume at the maximum temperature at full and partial load is the same as for the processes calculated previously. 416 g. 15 The thermal efficiency is lower than for the Otto and Diesel cycles, which is explainable as follows: – In comparison with the Otto cycle, at the same compression ratio, there seeme to be a portion of isobaric heat input, which impairs efficiency.

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