Animal Sciences: 4 by Allan B. Cobb

By Allan B. Cobb

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Other catastrophic events may include climatic changes or the accidental dumping of toxic waste. Oil spills have become an increasing threat to coastal populations of all types. In a truly severe event the populations may never return and the members that survive may not be able to live in the wasted environment. Human Populations Human populations defy the ecological rules imposed on other animal populations. Because we can modify our environment, humans can live beyond the carrying capacity of our environment by growing extra food and building shelter.

Water comes in through pores along the body wall into the spongocoel, the main cavity of a sponge, and flows out a large opening in the top called an osculum. Choanocytes, also called collar cells, are specialized feeding cells which line the spongocoel. Choanocytes have a flagellum that extends out of the cell and sweeps food particles into a sticky, collarlike opening. They are similar in shape and function to certain colonial protists, such as the choanoflagellates. Amoebocytes, which digest food and transport it around the sponge, are specialized cells that move around the sponge’s body under the epidermis, the outer layer of cells, through a jellylike middle cell layer.

This fixed maximum is called the carrying capacity, and represents the maximum number of in- logistic growth in a population showing exponential growth the individuals are not limited by food or disease carrying capacity the maximum population that can be supported by the resources 27 Population Dynamics dividuals that can be supported by the resources available in the given habitat. Carrying capacity is denoted by the variable K. abiotic nonliving parts of the environment The fact that the carrying capacity represents a stable equilibrium for a population means that if individuals are added to a population above and beyond the carrying capacity, population size will decrease until it returns to K.

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