Antennas and Reaction Centers of Photosynthetic Bacteria: by H. Zuber (auth.), Professor Dr. Maria Elisabeth

B2- phycocyanobilin transfer time.

Glazer et al. [17] have taken a different view. They also assumed a one-dimensional lattice,but attributed the rate-limiting step to disk-to-disk transfer. In the theoretical framework of Pearlstein and others,this model would correspond to a diffusion-limited trapping [18]. A strongly non-exponential kinetics is expected to result from a diffusion-limited trapping. Such a non-exponentiality is excluded by our own data, and does not seem to be supported either by the data of ref. [17]. For PBS of Porphyridium cruentum [6],as well as for the intact alga [5,19] ,the fluorescence of the different pigments has been analyzed in terms of a non-exponential exp(-2A/t) transfer kinetics.

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