Automotive Emission Control, 1st Edition by Guy B. Marin (Eds.)

By Guy B. Marin (Eds.)

This quantity on car Emission keep an eye on emphasises the position of chemical engineering in car emission keep watch over. essentially the advance of mathematical versions describing different services of the converter(s), in addition to their interplay, has been and nonetheless is important. all the contributions advocates the implementation of the latter, mixed with experimental validation, instead of attractive into complex experimental courses. *Provides unique reviews*Presents best chemical engineers as authors*Reviews state of the art advancements

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Therefore, oxidation catalyst placed in front of NSR catalyst is necessary. , in press). NOx conversion with catalyst combinations of Pd/Al2O3+NSR catalyst and Pd/Al2O3+NSR catalyst+Cu/zeolite were measured in simulated automotive exhaust gases with periodically fluctuation between oxidative and reductive atmospheres. Comparing NOx conversions on them under the oxidative atmosphere in Fig. 38, the effect of Cu/zeolite addition for improving NOx conversion was remarkably indicated between 130 and 3101C.

Typically, it is assumed that the metal loading and aging affects only the number of sites, but not the activity of individual sites. In the absence of better information, it is often assumed that the catalyst activity is linearly proportional to precious metal loading. , 1999). Finally, it is worth remembering that sometimes catalyst activity is not the limiting factor in controlling emissions. For example, in a vehicle where the exhaust temperature ramps-up rapidly after key-on, catalyst light off may be limited not by catalyst activity, but by the rate at which the catalyst warms up.

Various workers have looked at 1-, 2- and 3-dimensional models considering both the whole monolith and just a single channel. A multidimensional model for the whole monolith is required for investigating the effects of a flow maldistribution across the front face of the monolith, but is probably unnecessary when the flow is uniform. Other workers have studied multidimensional single channel models, where the gas flow within the channel is modelled in detail. In general, for a model to be useful in practice, some compromise has to be made between having a reasonable runtime versus detail/complexity, both in terms of the chemical kinetics and the description of the flow field within the channels of and across the monolith.

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