Autumn Leaves & The Ring: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Writings by Frithjof Schuon

By Frithjof Schuon

This ebook comprises collections, Autumn Leaves and the hoop, and is on the market the following for the 1st time in a bilingual English-German version. a few of the sections comprise: attractiveness, Human Questions, Doctrine, memories, photographs, and the Soul. In those poetic teachings Schuon speaks on to the reader, expressing each a possibility subtlety of religious and ethical advice. They convenience and encourage the reader to domesticate internal attractiveness and search a deeper awareness of the presence of God.

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But there is another way to interpret it: Truth is masculine; striving for illumination Is feminine — O cup, let thyself be filled, As have all those who have awoken to the Light. Domains of the Spirit Truth and Holiness; Beauty and Love; Nobility and Greatness — the primordial dream of lofty souls. First starting-point, then goal: what we choose in our heart Should unfold in the course of our life. And then the arts that delight the soul: Poetry, music and dance; to austere Truth Belong the beautiful and the noble, which rejuvenate — Just as the gopðs were Krishna’s joy.

Mary — full of Grace. Praise be to God, Who tests our hearts through humility. Herbstblätter 38 Caritas Du, der du einsam betest, denke nicht Du seist allein; auch andern gegenüber, Die du nicht kennst, ist dein Gebet ein Gut Und eine Segenskraft und eine Pflicht. Gottesgedenken schuldest du dem Höchsten — Und dann dir selbst, und ebenso dem Nächsten. Der Ort, wo für den Herrn ihr stillesteht, Ist wie ein Pol, um den die Welt sich dreht. Das Schwert Lass der Wahrheit lichtes Schwert durchschneiden Nebelschleier deiner dunklen Seele; Wort des Allerhöchsten und des Heiles — Trag es stets im Herzen, in der Kehle.

Little Things To be great, and yet pay heed to little things: Quite often the little is like a part of greatness. The vain person may scorn what is small — The one who is intelligent must see its meaning. To be great is not the art of puffing oneself up — Greatness strives toward the essence of things. Herbstblätter 48 Wünsche Man kann nicht völlig ohne Wünsche sein Wenn man ein Mensch ist. Denn der Mensch muss essen Und trinken um zu leben. Doch man kann Die Dinge wünschen und nicht Gott vergessen — Sonst käm kein Segen auf den Erdenplan.

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