Awaken Healing Light of the Tao by Mantak Chia

By Mantak Chia

Incorporated during this booklet are new spinal chi kung warmups to fast energize any meditation. The reader also will the best way to mix sexual ardour with a loving center contained in the physique to alleviate sexual-emotional frustration and accelerate non secular development.

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Wu Chi Yin = egg Yang = sperm Fertillization to implantation in the uterus Triple Warmer Five Organ Systems Twelve meridians; 365 acupuncture points Fig. 5 The formation of a child mirrors the formation of the universe. - 36 - An Overview of Taoist Inner Alchemy The Five Major Processes of Energy The Taoists observed that Yin and Yang interactions universally follow five basic patterns, which came to be known as the Five Processes of Energy (or Five Phases or Five Forces). Such interactions have been erroneously translated as five elements, thereby confusing the process with the actual physical elements.

Listening to gossip and criticism hurts the ears and kidneys and directly drains the sexual energy. Negative thinking, obscene thoughts, daydreams, and excessive sexual fantasies drain the brain, marrow, and sexual energy (Fig. 12). ” We have become accustomed to the constant onslaught, on our senses and accept it as part of our culture, but we must recognize the danger of advertising and break free from its mind-numbing effects. If we want to be in control of our lives, we must guard and conserve our life-force and sexual energy.

Vegetables, Animals, and Minerals: Our Secondary Sources of the Universal Force The Taoists observed that plants and trees are always extending themselves upward to absorb the Universal Farce in the form of light and invisible cosmic waves from the sun, moon, and stars. - 40 - An Overview of Taoist Inner Alchemy The animals, in turn, consume the vegetation to absorb this force indirectly, and humans receive it from both plant and animal life. Plants, animals, and minerals predigest the Universal Force and provide us with food which, together with the breath, has become our only means of absorbing energy, because we have gradually forgotten how to receive it directly.

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