Baby Ewoks' Picnic Surprise by Melinda Luke, Pat Paris

By Melinda Luke, Pat Paris

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Lksup b it but you warn him againsttouddnt it in cas€it's a Fap. 'I think ther€is somethinginside the glassbal,' . b says,Fering dosely at it. ' Will you: l€t Liftlebig touch the glassball? ridor above? Turnto 355 Look for somethingels€in the roorn? bruised and batcted, you land witJr a thump at thebottom of a dark pit. You are trappedand must fight. GIANT SPIDER sKrLLT If you win, tum to 2a. though the room is sPin ing You are unable to stop yourself from passing out. Turn to 215' trtr stlurnra 8 1O9F11O 106-1ot 106 With nervous anticiPation you tale hold of the sword in both hands and begin to Pull.

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